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The 24-hour timepiece beautifully designed to change the way you see your day.

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Change the way you see your day


Introducing Today

A 24-hour clock that simplifies the day into a perfect balance of dawn, noon, dusk, and midnight.

The clear, intuitive design of Today takes the edge off of time. 

Using a 24-hour movement engineered and assembled in Germany, Today quietly moves at half the speed of a regular clock, making one full rotation every day.

The result is a timepiece that makes you feel like you have more time.


Two different speeds of life.
Two different speeds of life.


Living with Today stretches your perception of time to make space for all of the things in life that cannot be counted.

Give yourself time

I’ve lived with Today since last summer, and now I wonder how I ever lived without it. Today inspires a sense of renewal, calm, and perhaps most importantly, balance.

Me with an early prototype of Today (underneath my first Kickstarter project, ThePresent), mid-September 2015
Me with an early prototype of Today (underneath my first Kickstarter project, ThePresent), mid-September 2015

Today has helped me regulate my sleep patterns and resonate with the idea that every day is a gift.  

TODAY 5" Desk Clock & 11" Wall Clock
TODAY 5" Desk Clock & 11" Wall Clock

I'm on Kickstarter to share this powerful timepiece with you because I'm confident that living with Today will do the same or something similarly profound for you.

What the press is saying about Today

"Today is a revolutionary gift to the world."  Huffington Post

"See the day in a whole new light."  Techcrunch

"It's a simple but effective perspective shift that can change how you think about your waking hours in a way that makes it seem like you've been magically handed more time."  AIGA - Eye on Design

Design inspiration  

The design of the face tries to capture that feeling of wonder you get when you look out at the clouds passing by from 30,000 ft. My hope is that Today brings the limitless potential you feel up there, down here.

What inspires me.
What inspires me.


The spectrum of time

Today is the spiritual follow-up to my first Kickstarter project, ThePresent, the 365-day clock that reframes your perception of the year.

My first Kickstarter project, ThePresent
My first Kickstarter project, ThePresent

The creative adventure of producing, distributing, and giving talks about ThePresent gradually opened my mind to seeing time as a spectrum.

Think of it this way: on one end of the “spectrum of time” you have the standard clock that reveals every second of every minute of every hour at a glance.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we find ThePresent.

As a balancing corrective between these two points on the "spectrum of time" is Today, a timepiece that reveals the entire day at a glance.



Your day at a glance.
Your day at a glance.

Let's start Today

I've brought three different styles of prototypes to 90% and I need your support and input to finalize the finishing touches and push this project to completion.

Pictured below are the final prototypes of Today, available in 3 different constructions. 

TODAY - 5" Desk Clock - Bamboo - $88

TODAY - 5" Desk Clock - Bamboo
TODAY - 5" Desk Clock - Bamboo


TODAY - 11" Wall Clock  -  Bamboo - $118

TODAY - 11" Wall Clock - Bamboo (showing 3pm)
TODAY - 11" Wall Clock - Bamboo (showing 3pm)


TODAY - 11"  Steel and Glass Wall Clock - $158 

TODAY - 11" Steel and Glass Wall Clock
TODAY - 11" Steel and Glass Wall Clock

We are also offering ThePresent, my first Kickstarter project, as a reward bundle option.

The bottom 4 rewards to your right contain ThePresent as a bundle option.

Own the Present (you really can, as a reward bundle).
Own the Present (you really can, as a reward bundle).


Today specs


  • Bamboo Desk Clock: 5" in diameter and 1.5" deep.
  • Bamboo Wall Clock: 11" and 1.5" deep. 
  • Steel and Glass Wall Clock: 11” in diameter and 2.25” deep. 
The edge of the bamboo clock is beautifully finished and meets the edge of the clock face precisely
The edge of the bamboo clock is beautifully finished and meets the edge of the clock face precisely


  • Bamboo Desk Clock: 1.0 lbs.
  • Bamboo Wall Clock: 1.4 lbs.
  • Steel and Glass Wall Clock: 2.0 lbs.

Battery life

  • Requires two AA batteries. 
  • Designed to run for a minimum of 3 years.
Today takes regular AA batteries and will last at least 3 years until you need to change them
Today takes regular AA batteries and will last at least 3 years until you need to change them
I've stress tested the supply chain for Today with the same local team of highly skilled craftsmen and women locally in Brooklyn, USA that I worked with to produce thousands of editions of ThePresent.

From a plane.
From a plane.

Making time

Your pledge will fund the final stages of production:

  • Production of all Steel and Glass and Bamboo Clocks in the USA
  • Transporting all components to and from vendors to final assembly
  • Tooling costs for smaller hand to be used in the Desk Clock
  • Tooling costs for branding "Today" into steel battery backplate
  • Perfecting the highest quality print to last for decades
  • Post Kickstarter e-commerce site design and build
  • Engineering and assembly of the movement itself
  • Quality control, fulfillment, handling and shipping
  • Time and small staff to help bring Today to life
  • Packaging design, prototyping, and execution
  • Assembly of the clocks and quality control
  • Kickstarter and Stripe processing fees
  • MOQ for the custom domed glass cover
  • Contingency
My Kickstarter goal is modest. The pricing is structured so that if we hit and go over the goal, we are equipped to deliver the clocks by December 2016. After running two successful campaigns, I am confident that your clocks will be delivered on time and on budget. 

The Today fam.
The Today fam.

Backing this project will give you a front row seat to the finishing touches and full scale production of Today. I love making videos, and I'm excited to document and share the process with you. 

Why make Today?

Today is primarily inspired by living with ThePresent. After raising the initial funding with the help of 837 backers with the first Kickstarter, I've produced and distributed over 3,000 editions of ThePresent. Owners in 48 countries now live with ThePresent.   

Sideview of ThePresent with Bamboo construction.
Sideview of ThePresent with Bamboo construction.
I never imagined myself as someone who introduces new scales of time, but I can't imagine being involved in anything more urgent, meaningful, and rewarding. The way we measure time dictates our behavior and so we deserve access to scales that are more appropriate for the way we live our lives now and far into the future.

I see a world that is less anxious and more grateful about time. A world where time is not an enemy, or money, or something we find new ways to kill. I feel a pull to use technology to positively impact our collective quality of life. 

That view.
That view.

The meditative simplicity of dawn, noon, dusk and midnight was the only way we related to time for tens of thousands of years before modern clocks were popularized during the industrial revolution.

We are well into the information revolution and yet we have not updated the way we measure time.

Nearly everything has changed, except how we measure time. 

We have the chance to change that together, Today.


What people are saying about ThePresent

"It's a beautiful clock that I am proud to have on my wall."

"It helps me find some grounding, or a moment of reflection, a good thought, a deep breath..."

"A subtle reminder to be present throughout the day."

“This is seriously one of my favorite things. Besides the iPhone, I don't think I've ever been impacted this hard by anything I've ever's art.”

"It is a gentle reminder to breathe."

"ThePresent removed the borders, the constraints. It's a ballerina's pirouette, a swan's glide, a wind with no beginning or end."

"It grounds me and shows me where I am in time."

Talking about time.
Talking about time.

What the press is saying about ThePresent

"It’s all about encouraging us to experience time as a natural, contiguous slipstream, instead of something to stress out about having too little (or too much) of in arbitrary chunks." –– Fast Company

"Anti-Anxiety Object, ThePresent is a very special clock." ––  ArtInfo

"One of the most Zen clocks we've seen." –– Coolhunting

"Have you ever felt like time is moving too fast? Do you have trouble being ‘in the moment’ for longer than a few seconds? New York based Scott Thrift is introducing a beautiful annual clock that tells time in seasons." ––Trendland

"ThePresent allows us to reorient our attention, freeing up time for contemplation and enjoyment." –– PSFK
"My Tech Top 10: Scott Thrift"––Apartment Therapy

I was honored that ThePresent was chosen as one of the "Best American Infographics of 2014" by Houghton, Harcourt and Mifflin.


My team 

Scott Thrift: That’s me. Switching to 3rd person...

Before producing human centered timepieces, Thrift was the Co Founder and Creative Director at the award winning Brooklyn based entertainment company, m ss ng p eces. In 2013, m ss ng p eces was included in Creativity Magazine's "Creativity 50,' an annual list that honors the 50 most influential creative figures in entertainment, tech, advertising, publishing and more. In the same year, Thrift was recognized by Good Magazine as one of the GOOD100, an annual list of people on the cutting edge of creative impact. Thrift has spent the past few years building clocks and giving talks on the subjects of time and media at TED@NYC, TEDxStPeterPort, Applied Brilliance, PSFK. 

Back to 1st person...On a personal note, I feel like I am in the right place at the right time most of the time. My work with ThePresent and now Today is the most profound and exciting thing I can imagine doing with my time.

Rux Design: RUX is a NYC-based design studio specializing in product innovation, design, and brand creation. Since its beginning in 2008 RUX has founded 2 companies, partnered with 4 startups, designed 1 mosque, filed over 20 patents, and worked with Unilever, Samsung, Mozilla Firefox, and Pernod Ricard, among others. Its founder Russell Greenberg was an early believer in ThePresent, and he and his team played a critical role in the design and fabrication of the original ThePresent clock. He is happy to continue this strategic partnership and friendship in the creation of Today.

Vann Alexandra: A Manhattan-based creative services agency that gets projects financed through crowdfunding. The company’s founder has been dubbed the “Crowdsourceress.” Clients include Neil Young, Oscar-winning and Emmy-nominated filmmakers, citizen investigative journalist Brown Moses, New York Times bestselling authors, Pentagram designers, and best-selling girl group of all time, TLC.

Vann Alexandra team.
Vann Alexandra team.
Kenneth Bachor
Scott Thrift

Special thanks: 
Hamish Smyth
Julio Monterrey
Jonathan Harris
Russell Greenberg
Eric Epstein 
Cody Ben Lewis
John Benis
Marc Winn
Hudson + Broad
Michael McGregor
Owen Katz
Julio Terra

USA vendors 
Steel Production // Brooklyn, NY 
Custom Glass // Rochester, NY 
Bamboo Production //  Pawling, NY 
Powder coat (Steel) //  Brooklyn, NY 
Prints //  NYC, NY 
Assembly and Fulfillment // Brooklyn, NY

I hope you'll back this project and join me on this creative adventure to change the way we see the day.


Stop living everyday like it's your last.

Start living everyday like it's your first.